Once upon an ancient time, centuries-old Syrian Cuisine came about as grandmothers passed their passion for cooking to their daughters and so on! To date, most Syrians cook their meals without any published recipes but old traditions, passion and feel for the food.


The Syrian cuisine is incredibly rich in vegetables and is incredibly varied. Perhaps it is the effect of all the goodness Earth had to offer that region.  Or, perhaps it is the costly price of meat that once came from animals growing in spacious farms requiring tremendous efforts and commitments. This makes the Syrian cuisine rich in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Indeed, that’s where the idea of the olive branch came from; a little homey café offering the finest tastiest vegetarian and vegan dishes made with love. In Syria, no one knows what five-a-day means, chances are you’d have your 5-a-day from breakfast alone!

Rich Culture

Syria is a multicultural country and is the heart of the Middle East connecting the East with the West. Throughout history, invasions and empires took control of the country. There is no doubt over the years such exposure has enriched the Syrian Cuisine and made it unique and special. Some of our meals come from the Turkish, Greek, and French cuisines as well as the cuisines of our neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.